October 29, 2023

Human Capital and Organization Effectiveness

– Human Capital Strategy

We help our client screate and implement a comprehensive and integrated human capital strategy aligned to business strategy,supportedby effective program management andgovernance, including Vision, Mission, Core Values, Organization Structure & HR process design

– Legal Compliance Audits / Services. We offer HR legal audit services and diagnostic capabilities to help implement robust systems based on fact-basedinsights. We under take HR Audits,Legal Compliance Audits and Statutory Advisory services for various organizations.Legal Compliance Management

– Workforce Effectiveness. We offer industry -leading tools and approaches to help our clients drive more skilled,motivated,agile and productive workforces.

– HR Policies Development

  • HR Manual: Process & Policies
  • HRMS : Design work flow & Systems Implementation
  • Employee Handbook: Work Policies& Benefits
  • SOPS definition & guidelines,&formats
  • Employee Life Cycle Management process

– Compensation Banding & Benchmarking

b’catalyst Consulting providesa full range of global compensation and benefits administration services combined helping implementation forin-houseor out sourced services using standardized processes and a common technology platform that automates many time- consuming procedures whilst ensuring data accuracy.Our online help tools and dedicated teams provide assistance to clients HR and line managers in making informed decisions, whether it’s regardingan employee’s reward in centivesor absence due to long-term illness.

Our compensation and benefits solutions cover extensive areas, from program development, document management,process administration,technology maintenance,to annualandad hoc reports andanalyses. Through working with B’catalyst Consulting,our clients receive the following key benefits:

  • Accurate and timely updates to employee databases for any changes.
  • One-stop-shop for employees and managers.
  • Access to a wide range of compensation and benefits programs.

Our innovative programs have help edglobal organizations drive workforce excellence and reduce cost. With b’catalyst Consulting, the administration life cycle is shortened through our consistent and streamlined processes. The managers are kept informed on change and compliance issues as well as budgetary impacts. Most important of all,we provide services to global organizations regardless of geographic diversity and address regional or local differences. Wherever the client operations, our programs a real ways aligned with our clients’ business strategies and HR priorities.

• Compensation Planning: Our compensation planning solution comprises two elements: survey data and market intelligence management.We assist clients in developing plans and programs suitable to the employees and organizations, based on rigorous bench marking and analysis exercise.Our planning capability encompasses a wide range of areas,including training and communications, job analysis and documentation,salary modeling projections,merit budget analysis and recommendation,regulatory compliance, policy and program effectiveness audits,etc.

• Compensation Administration: We provide annual and off-cycle administration to avariety of programs,including base pay and incentive plans,reward and recognition,equity awards, salary increase, and other adhoc compensation administration support.

Even the best managers are strapped for timeand need help accurately evaluating their employees and contractors and fostering greater teamwork and productivity.

b’catalyst Consulting’s workforce performance system goes beyond transactional services. It brings rigor to clients global workforce performance programs through:

  • Streamlined processes for performance assessment and planning.
  • Neutral,objective reviews to managers on performance results.
  • Reintroduction time to review and circulate performance is sue store solve competency gaps.
  • Integration with talent management,compensation and workforce development programs.

We design integrated work for performance programs to quantify the unique needs of clients’ organizations,including setting goals and behavior al standards and assisting managers in reviewing employee performance. Where competency gap is identified, we provide immediate measures to ensure the appropriate skill set is allocated or developed.

b’catalyst Consulting provides a wide range of workforce performance services,including:

• Competency Management: We conduct regular competency analyses and evaluations through performance assessment programs. Where a gaps identified, we provide training, career development or recruitment as appropriate to ensure the positions are filled with skilled staff.

• Performance Management: We manage the processes throughout the entire performance and appraisal life cycle. We incorporate both business and individual objectives to establish performance standards, and facilitate regular review,mentoring, and coaching with 360 degree feedback processes and technology.We help clients recognize and reward employees for their superior performance, while addressing any under performance issues.

• Career Development: We manage the administration of career development programs using appraisal, feedback and objectives-based results to build career development plans.Our dedicated teams administer career development sessions and training, and provide seamless interfaces with recruitment and other HR services.

• Succession Planning: We help client organizations define and maintain required competencies through hidden tifying the most critical positions and the appropriate internal candidates for them. Our planning tools maintain resource pools and monitor the succession plan for alignment to individuals’career development.